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 We have been pleased with John and his time as a stagier here at Noma. He has lived up to the highest standards when it comes to professionalism.   Apart from this, he is a very positive person, with a great attitude towards learning new things. - Matthew Orlando (Head Chef Noma)

We appreciated your good food and very much enjoyed some of your experiments. Best regards - Earle Mack (Former ambassador of the United States of America to Finland)
Presenting the most amazing chef, John Barone.  Thank you to an anonymous donor who thought we should be eating well in our pre-Olympic training camp in Seefeld, Austria.  We did! - Matt Whitcomb (Head coach of U.S. Women's Cross-Country Ski team)
Thank you so much for a truly special dinner - you are the BEST chef we've had. I appreciated your attention to detail, thoughtful menu creation and skill. You are a rare talent indeed.  Warm regards to you and hope we can work together in the future. - Jennifer Carolan


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