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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you specialize in?

I love to cook delicious, nutritious food supporting active lifestyles, and I have fun with cuisines from around the world.  In February 2018, I adapted a Korean dish, which you can read about here.

What would it cost for you to cook for us?

Depending on how many people are dining, I charge either an hourly rate or a per person rate.  Rates vary depending on details, including but not limited to menu, preferences, advance notice provided, and weekend/holiday work needed.  After we talk, I'll send you an estimate!

What does your estimate include?

Shopping, transporting, and pre-preparation of ingredients; menu planning, meal preparation and kitchen clean up.  External staffing, upon a clients request, if available.  For estimates based on a per person rate, groceries are included.  My rates are meant to be all-inclusive and only that we haven't talked about, or I wasn't given a chance to prepare for, can add costs.  Examples include teaching of -or coordination with- additional chef(s) and major party size increases/last minute menu changes.

Can I eliminate any of your services, in order to reduce costs?

Sure!  Often, clients arrange for staff to assist with clean up after food is served.  As for shopping, I prefer to source ingredients myself, in order to bring you my best.  For more information about my training and experience, click here.

What happens if I need to cancel?

When clients cancel more than one week in advance, there is no charge.  My full policy is under the "Services" section of my webpage - click here.

What's next?

Talking! Let me know when you are available for a call.

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